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Tax Strategists

Are you feeling the pain of taxes?

Worried you might be paying too much?

The right tax planning can mean cutting your tax liability by up to 50% and living the quality of life you deserve.

At Jenkins & Company, we understand that tax laws and regulations can often seem daunting. Whether you are an individual tax payer, self-employed, or a business owner, our expert team of full-time professionals will help you navigate the tax turbulence.

We are not just "a" tax firm - we are your Expert Tax Team.

We are business tax strategists and have built a distinguished reputation for providing sound advice and trusted counsel to address tax issues large and small. As accounting professionals, tax strategists, scholars and consultants, we apply an aggressive and strategic approach to minimize tax liabilities and ensure our clients take full advantage of recent tax and procedure changes.

Through our nationally-leading research library, comprehensive approach and extensive knowledge, we address even the most complicated tax issues with proficiency and finesse.

So don't wait until it's time to file!  Tax planning begins now!

We will evaluate your tax profile, review your past returns for additional deduction opportunities and plan for the year ahead. Engaging the right team of experts means that the right questions get asked and answered and that you gain the expertise of full-time tax professionals, not just seasonal employees.

Ultimately, the goal is simple. We believe you deserve to keep more of the money for which you have worked so hard. 

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